Tri-Cities Rocks

IMAG9128-1Have you happened upon a brightly painted rock while you’ve been out and about?  Did it make you smile?  Did you pick it up?  Did you keep it?  Did you take a picture of it?  Did you hide it somewhere else?

Tri-Cities Rocks has a Facebook page and encourages people to paint and hide rocks.  Their goal is “to encourage creativity and joy throughout Tri-Cities…”  When you find a rock, take a picture and post it to the Tri-Cities Rocks Facebook page.  You may keep the rock or hide it for someone else to find.

IMAG9110-1Rocks may be painted using a variety of mediums, but a favorite is acrylic paint.  We’ve experimented with nail polish, sharpie, and melted crayons.  To make it weather proof, spray the painted rock with a clear spray paint to seal the design.  Be sure to label the rocks on the bottom, so people know to check out the Facebook page and post pictures.  An easy way to label your rocks is to print out a Tri-Cities Rocks label and Mod-Podge it to the bottom of the painted rock.

Spread some smiles.  Paint a rock or twelve and hide them for people out and about to find.  🙂



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