All School Science Project

IMG_7428The Jason Lee Water Follies is Thursday October 12, 2017.  Mrs. Whitish needs parents to run stop watches to time the student boat races.  Please contact Mrs. Whitish and let her know when you are available on Thursday to help with the Water Follies.

If you’d like to help with your student’s class, here is the schedule so far!

  • 8:50 Batdorf
  • 9:15 Schuster, Neill
  • 9:45 Smith, Leyde
  • 10:10 Silvia, Brown
  • 10:40 Compton
  • 12:00 Schamber
  • 12:25 Lucas, Melberg
  • 12:50 Boynton
  • 1:15 Moe, Ramsey
  • 2:10 Brickey, Manley
  • 2:45 Ward, Bruce, Moore




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