Camp Wooten Fundraiser: Mixed Bag Designs

Thousands of Jason Lee Students have participated in the Camp Wooten Outdoor Education program over the last 37 years. It’s a week they never forget!

Our current 5th Grade classes are already preparing for camp in the spring by fundraising. They will be selling items from Mixed Bag Designs. We want every 5th Grade Student to create their own memories of Camp Wooten! Thank you for supporting them in their efforts!

If you don’t know a 5th grader and are interested in purchasing any of these items, shop  online or contact one of the 5th grade teachers! They can put you in contact with a student.

Mixed Bag Designs is eco-fabulous! They offer bags, totes, lunch bags, cell phone covers, laptop/ipad cases, stationery products and more. 40% of what you order goes directly to our fundraiser! Make sure you follow these directions to give the credit to our Camp Wooten Fundraiser. Thanks for all your support!

Visit and click on “online store.” At checkout, when you review and submit your order, you will be asked for your fundraiser ID. Enter 63045 to give credit to our fundraiser.


This year Jason Lee PTA is able to accept online donations through the Jason Lee PTA square store, select or enter the desired donation amount to Wooten. At checkout enter the students name, grade, and teacher in the note to merchant.


Junior Joggers

117-SeeThrough-2Come jog with Jason Lee! Jason Lee Junior Joggers will continue to run through the middle of November.  Jason Lee students, parents, and staff can walk or jog laps during recess at Jason Lee every Tuesday and Thursday between 11:00-12:50.  Parents and siblings can use their own card to mark their laps. Any laps completed by parents or siblings will be counted toward the students’ classroom totals, not an individual student’s total. Volunteers are always welcome and needed to mark lap cards!

Be sure to fill out your RSD volunteer form so you can come help!

All School Science Project

IMG_7428The Jason Lee Water Follies is Thursday October 12, 2017.  Mrs. Whitish needs parents to run stop watches to time the student boat races.  Please contact Mrs. Whitish and let her know when you are available on Thursday to help with the Water Follies.

If you’d like to help with your student’s class, here is the schedule so far!

  • 8:50 Batdorf
  • 9:15 Schuster, Neill
  • 9:45 Smith, Leyde
  • 10:10 Silvia, Brown
  • 10:40 Compton
  • 12:00 Schamber
  • 12:25 Lucas, Melberg
  • 12:50 Boynton
  • 1:15 Moe, Ramsey
  • 2:10 Brickey, Manley
  • 2:45 Ward, Bruce, Moore




IMG_0946-0-smJason Lee PTA will be holding our annual Jog-A-Thon fundraiser on Friday, October 6.

The money raised will be used for a large projects, to purchase items for our school, and to continue funding existing school activities.

Jason Lee students will be walking or running for half an hour on Friday, October 6th, to fulfill their pledges. All students will be participating whether they collect pledges or not. Make sure to dress in layers and wear running shoes.  Water donated by Winco will be available for each student during the Jog-A-Thon.

Students will receive AWESOME PRIZES based on the number of laps they run and the amount of collected donations.  Ask friends, relatives, and neighbors for pledges or donations. Write them on your pledge envelope.  Collect money from those who made pledges. Ask people to make checks payable to Jason Lee PTA.

IMG_1942-0-smTurn in your pledge envelope with donations on or before October 11th and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a SURPRISE PRIZE!  Students must collect $50 in donations to be eligible to Participate in the Color Run on October 20th.

Fill out your RSD volunteer form so you can come help at the Jog-A-Thon.

Then Sign up for a time to help out.
Thank you for helping make Jason Lee’s Jog-A-Thon a success.
Thank you to our amazing local Jog-A-Thon sponsors.

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PTA is getting ready for a great 2017-2018 school year

Jason Lee PTA has been busy getting ready for a great school year.  Last May we met with Mr. Jisa & Mr. Neill to hammer out the Jason Lee Elementary calendar of events for the 2017-2018 school year.  Over the summer, the Jason Lee PTA got a new website.  Take a moment to browse through the calendar, contact information, PawPrint newsletters, and past projects the PTA has completed.

discount-pta-card-websiteThis year, Jason Lee PTA created a discount card for PTA members to use at Jason Lee events.  Save on yearbook and T-shirt purchases.  Get a glow stick at skate night, free items at the bookfair, and extra tickets for the carnival.

Jason Lee PTA members will receive a Jason Lee discount card, the RSD discount card for businesses around town, and WSPTA discounts to Silverwood, Wild Waves, Great Wolf lodge, rental cars, FedEx, and more.   Plus enjoy the National PTA discounts as well.

When the homework folders come home the first day of school, August 29,  look for your new attendance magnet, as well as a magnet with all the dates of the PTA meetings.  Membership forms will also be in the homework folder with an envelope to help you get your completed form back to school.  If your budget has been keeping you from being a member, please be sure to check the PTA membership scholarship box.  If you love PTA and would like to donate a membership to your child’s teacher, a friend, or to the scholarship fund, there is a space to designate that as well.

Teachers whose classrooms have 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% PTA membership will be rewarded with scholastic dollars which can be spent at the fall book fair.  Help your teacher earn up to $50 scholastic dollars.

Become a PTA member.  For $12 you are a part of the largest advocate group for children.  You get great discount cards.  Plus the return on your investment is impressive.  The Jason Lee PTA spent $85 per each kid last year.  Be a part of investing in the students at Jason Lee Elementary, and advocating for children throughout the USA.

Tri-Cities Rocks

IMAG9128-1Have you happened upon a brightly painted rock while you’ve been out and about?  Did it make you smile?  Did you pick it up?  Did you keep it?  Did you take a picture of it?  Did you hide it somewhere else?

Tri-Cities Rocks has a Facebook page and encourages people to paint and hide rocks.  Their goal is “to encourage creativity and joy throughout Tri-Cities…”  When you find a rock, take a picture and post it to the Tri-Cities Rocks Facebook page.  You may keep the rock or hide it for someone else to find.

IMAG9110-1Rocks may be painted using a variety of mediums, but a favorite is acrylic paint.  We’ve experimented with nail polish, sharpie, and melted crayons.  To make it weather proof, spray the painted rock with a clear spray paint to seal the design.  Be sure to label the rocks on the bottom, so people know to check out the Facebook page and post pictures.  An easy way to label your rocks is to print out a Tri-Cities Rocks label and Mod-Podge it to the bottom of the painted rock.

Spread some smiles.  Paint a rock or twelve and hide them for people out and about to find.  🙂